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What is the MouseMods Partnership Program?

We have created our partnership program to reward content creators helping MouseMods with promotional content.
By placing referral links on your social media pages or livestreams, you direct potential customers to our website. If they make a purchase, using your code, you earn a commission!



Country: Finland
Main Content: Apex Legends

Hi friends! I’m Shredder from THRFTY. Two things about me: I’m addicted to Apex and I always try to keep things positive. I’m proud of the community we’ve built so far and I’d love to have you with us! "Welcome to the crew"


Country: Japan / USA
Main Content: Overwatch

Alinko (Alisa) is a bilingual Japanese streamer from Tokyo, Japan! Her streams consist of a variety of games, cooking, tarot readings, and singing. A wholesome stream is not something you might get, but you will definitely be entertained with the content she provides!


Country: Denmark
Main Content: Variety

Hello, my name is Marcus and I'm 23 years old. On the internet I go by the name of KinoHoshi and I'm a content creator/actor/coach. My primary content platform is Twitch, where I provide high quality content for both listeners and viewers with my high energy and overthetop humour.


Country: Great Britain
Main Content: Tech Analysis 

Youtube channel provides the data and stats behind the tools of the gaming industry giving you the competitive edge to outplay your rivals.