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The Sakura Whiteout Collection by Mousemods is a beautiful blend of Japanese art and gaming equipment. Featuring a white winter twist on the iconic Sakura theme, these mousepads will add a touch of elegance to your setup. With high-precision tracking and threaded weaves, the Sakura Whiteout Collection is perfect for taking on any gaming challenge. Brighten up your setup with one of the 3 unique variants, and experience the limits of your gear.
Color: Pink / White
Free Wallpaper

When purchasing one of our mousepads, you get a free static and animated wallpaper designed to compliment your new mousepad.

Precision Tuned

Tuned for perfect blend of Speed and Control for high-precision gaming.

Built for Precision

Made for easy micro-adjustments and precise tracking.

Machine Washable

Supports Mashine washing on 30° (86°F)

Durable & UV-Resistant

UP-Resistant print and stitched edge to maximise the lifespan of the mousepad.

Rubber Base

Non-slip rubber base with 60% natural rubber

Elevate Your Gaming Experience with Tailored Themes


Highlighted Features:

Performance-tuned surface provides peak accuracy and consistency for gaming mice by providing optimal sensor imagery that translates mouse movement into precise cursor movement even at high speeds.

Anti-slip Rubber Base

Non-slip rubber base with 60%
natural rubber.


Performance-Tuned Surface with High DPI hot-press with UV-resistant print. (does not fade over time)

Anti-fray Stitching

Nylon + Polyester
Designed to be flush with surface to prevent irritation.

About FlowPad

Designed for Aesthetics. Built for Precision and Performance.

Give your customers useful information about your products and showcase differences between them.


Width: 900 mm (35.5 in )
Length: 400 mm (15.7 in)
Thicknes: 3.5 mm (0.13 in)


Uncoated fabric with High DPI hot-press with UV-resistant ink
(does not fate over time)

Rubber Base

Non-slip rubber base with 60% natural rubber

Anti-fray Stitching

Stitched edges (flush with surface)


Unique Variants

Compliment your setup with over 12 unique variants.
Specially designed to compliment your setup and peripherals.
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Satisfaction or Money Back

Here at MouseMods we believe 100% in quality. We design our product for you and your setup; if it doesn't fit your style or doesn't live up to your expectations, send it back, and we will refund you right away!